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Pyranha System

SprayMaster Automatic Systems

For Automatic Insect Control - Fly Free Barns, Kennels, and other insect invasion areas - 30 & 55 Gallon Sizes

SprayMaster is an automatic insect control system with scientifically designed nozzles spaced overhead throughout your barn and connected by nylon tubing. An accurate, solid-state timer operates the system by opening all nozzles simultaneously. The entire barn, or structure, is filled with a fine mist of Pyranha insecticide for a predetermined number of seconds on a set schedule. This automatic system provides a uniform, consistent means of controlling insects and is far more economical than conventional methods.



You can control insects in a single stall or over thousands of feet. The regulated mist of Pyranha Insecticide kills adult insects and prohibits reinfestation. We design and ship everything needed for your SprayMaster Automatic Insect Control System. It's easy to install. Our instruction manual tells you how step-by-step. To refill the unit, simply pour Pyranha concentrate into the tank and add water. Professional design, installation and service is available through Huberth Farm Services. Unsure of what you need? Contact us!

Top ten reasons for investing in SprayMaster systems & Pyranha insecticides:

  1. Health - keep animals free of biting insects that can cause infections & serious diseases such as West Nile Virus. 
  2. Comfort - prevent stomping by animals & swatting by owners. 
  3. Economy - cost about $1 a day for the average barn 
  4. Versatility - can be adapted to any situation & adjusted easily if the situation changes. 
  5. Safety - are nontoxic to warm-blooded animals & water-based to prevent contamination of the feed and water supply. 
  6. Bio-degradability - will not have any harmful effects beyond control of insects. 
  7. Efficacy - kill mosquitoes as well as a broad spectrum of flies. 
  8. Convenience - operate without constant attention, saving time & labor. 
  9. Consistency - activates all nozzles instantaneously for an exact time on a preset schedule. 
  10. Efficiency - provides coverage of entire facility with a minimal amount of insecticide.